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    Grouting and caulking are essential, protective finishing touches for your home, especially during repairs or renovation. They’re time-consuming jobs that are easy to get wrong, so you may not want to do them yourself. Luckily, plenty of professional services are … Read more
  • Window Repairs: Glass Repairs, Reglazing, and Replacement Costs
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  • Rehab Cost Estimation: Driveway Repair Cost
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  • Rehab Cost Estimation: Tree Removal Cost
    As wonderful as trees are on a property, sometimes you want or need to get rid of them. They can present a danger to your home (leaning dangerously or dying), block the sun too much, or not fit in in … Read more
  • Renovation Costs: Interior and Exterior Door Replacement
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  • Renovation Costs: Kitchen Remodel Cost
    Kitchen Demolition Cost  Kitchen demolition costs significantly vary across the nation. Your overall budget will depend on the size of your kitchen, the kinds of work you want to be done, labor costs, and disposal costs. However, the national average … Read more
  • Renovation Costs: Interior Wall Framing, Wall Repair, and Wall Installation Costs
    Average Cost to Remove A Load-Bearing Wall  The average cost to remove a load-bearing wall for a single-story home is between $1,200 and $3,000, and for a multi-story home, it is between $3,200 and $15,000. The average estimates do not … Read more
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    What Is the HUD Good Neighbor Next Door Program? The HUD Good Neighbor Next Door grant program (GNND) is an attempt by the federal government to address two issues at once. Firstly, the program encourages people to invest in and … Read more
  • Top 5 Federal Real Estate Grants for Developers
    Real estate developers can benefit from using federal real estate grants specifically designed to help them acquire, build, and/or renovate properties. These grants are provided for developers who increase housing options for low-income families, middle-income families, the elderly, and disabled … Read more
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    If you are investing in damaged property or trying to repair the property that you already own, you can use these grants to pay for the repairs. Many U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs provide grants and … Read more
  • 16 Best Ways to Crowdfund Real Estate
    Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept popularized by sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo in recent years. Niche-specific crowdfunding platforms have also been on the rise, including real estate crowdfunding platforms that seek to pair real estate developers with a … Read more
  • Neighborhood Revitalization Grants for Real Estate Investors
    What Are Neighborhood Revitalization Grants? Neighborhood revitalization grants are funds allocated to states, cities, counties, non-governmental organizations, and nonprofit foundations. The goal is to use them to improve mostly low- and moderate-income communities. The oldest such federal program, the Community … Read more
  • Tips For Using Housing Improvement Grants to Renovate Properties
    Anyone who has gone through a real estate renovation project from the beginning to the end will tell you that it’ll most likely take longer and cost more than you budgeted. That’s why housing improvement grants are a great way … Read more
  • How to Get a Real Estate Grant to Rehab a Property
    One of the biggest hindrances to purchasing a residential or commercial property for most developers is getting their hands on capital. Investors and property owners looking for capital to rehabilitate their properties face a similar problem. Although real estate flipping … Read more
  • How Do Economic Development Administration (EDA) Grants Work?
    Economic development administration grants are given to impoverished or disaffected communities in the US to improve their lives. They are granted by the US EDA (Economic Development Administration). The US Economic Development Administration has been working with impoverished or distressed … Read more
  • How Are Real Estate Grants Taxed?
    Real estate grants are given out by the Federal government and State or Local governments to individual citizens or organizations. These grants are meant to uplift communities or become catalysts for economic development.  Like any other form of assistance from … Read more
  • Reverse Wholesaling Vs. Wholesaling Real Estate
    If you’re interested in wholesaling real estate properties it’s important to know the differences between reverse wholesaling and wholesaling. Both can be very profitable but approach wholesaling from different angles. Two Approaches to Wholesaling Real Estate There are basically two … Read more
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    The US Government has several grants which can be used for community development or real estate development. Among them are grants which are specifically used to repair or restore old homes. While these grants have stringent requirements and are separated … Read more
  • How Do Real Estate Redevelopment Grants Work?
    Real estate redevelopment grants help public/private partnership recipients finance the replacement, rehabilitation, repurposing, or improvement of existing industrial, residential, downtown, or commercial properties. When the public/private market is not supplying sufficient economic activity for the development or improvement of underused … Read more
  • Can You Use Grants for Flipping Houses?
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    Investing in a house flipping business involves great risks. Not only is it costly to get started in the first place but it brings along the complexity of dealing with taxes, purchase and repair costs. This often intimidates real estate … Read more
  • What is a HUD grant?
    The HUD is the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. One of its longest-running programs is the HUD Federal grant. It was first enacted by President Gerald Ford in 1974. The HUD Federal grant exists to provide affordable housing, … Read more
  • List of Government Grants for Investment Properties
    If you are interested in real estate, it would be in your best interest to know about and go through the list of government grants for investment properties. And it’s clear to understand why. These grants from the government help … Read more
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    Title and escrow are the least covered topics in wholesaling houses. However, it is important to understand the escrow process because the power of this process can’t be denied. Read on to learn all the details about the escrow process: … Read more
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    A hard money loan can be used to quickly fund real estate renovations, flips and rental property deals. But how can you refinance a hard money loan you used to purchase the property? We discuss all options in this post. … Read more
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    Making an accurate house repair estimate for a house flip is very important. Choosing which house to flip is a big decision and not necessarily easy. Unless an investor knows how to accurately estimate repair costs, he will not be … Read more
  • When to Use a Renovation Cost Estimator for House Flipping
    New house flippers often underestimate the complexity of the cost estimation process. Knowing which properties will be good deals in the long run, how much to offer, and how much to invest in renovations is crucial.   Having tools to … Read more
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    [et_pb_section admin_label=”section”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] One way to get your flip project funded quickly is with a hard money loan. We discuss how to use hard money loans to finance house flipping below. Find a Good Hard Money Lender Hard … Read more
  • 59 Hard Money Loan Tips for House Flippers
    Are you ready to finance a house flip using a hard money loan? Read these 59 hard money loan tips to ensure you cover all your bases! Tip #1: Overestimate Your Rehab Project Timeframe Always expect the unexpected when flipping … Read more
  • Can You Buy a Foreclosed Home Without Attending a Foreclosure Auction?
    A foreclosure auction is the usual next step for a bank lender after they foreclose on a house. But do you actually need to be present at the auction? Can you buy a foreclosed home without attending a foreclosure auction? … Read more
  • Secrets to Finding Government Foreclosures
    [et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] It is easy to find government foreclosures in depressed real estate markets. But they can also be found in strong markets as well. Below we discuss some secrets to finding government foreclosures. How … Read more
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    Buyers at a foreclosure at auction can get a great deal on a property but will also face some challenges.  In this article we discuss the basics of how to buy a house foreclosure at auction. How a House Foreclosure Auction Works (the … Read more
  • Courthouse vs. Online Foreclosure Auctions [The Differences]
    So you are looking to purchase a property at a foreclosure auction but are not sure whether to go to a courthouse auction or take part in an online auction. We discuss the differences between courthouse foreclosure auctions vs. online … Read more
  • What is the Best Foreclosure Auction Bidding Strategy?
    In this article we discuss what the best foreclosure auction bidding strategy is, depending on the situation. Essential Rules of a Solid Foreclosure Auction Bidding Strategy The best way to know how to bid effectively when you’re buying a house … Read more
  • Who Can Bid at a Foreclosure Auction?
    This article discusses who can bid at a foreclosure auction and why. Attending and bidding at a foreclosure auction, whether online or in person, can be an interesting and challenging experience. Who Can Attend a Foreclosure Auction? Live foreclosure auctions … Read more
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    This article discusses some of the risks of a foreclosure auction and steps you can take to avoid them. Buying real estate at foreclosure auctions can be a lucrative endeavor. However, there are many risks involved that can negatively affect … Read more
  • How to Find a House Foreclosure Auction
    A house foreclosure auction can offer investors greater savings than many other avenues of buying real estate. In this article, we describe where to find foreclosure auctions and some key info to get started. When a bank forecloses on a … Read more
  • Buying a Foreclosed Property? Avoid These Mistakes!
    Buying a foreclosed property can be very attractive to would-be buyers due to the price, but purchasing foreclosed homes can be complicated and there are costly mistakes that can be made. To avoid the risks associated with flipping a foreclosed … Read more
  • How Do I Investigate Foreclosure Liens?
    When planning to buy a house at a foreclosure auction, it’s essential to know of there are any liens on the property. So how do you investigate foreclosure liens? Liens to Look for When Buying a Foreclosure Auction Property There … Read more
  • Difference Between a Foreclosure Auction and REO?
    This article discusses the differences between foreclosure auction properties and REO properties, including the pros and cons of each. These are important considerations when deciding what type of property to buy. How a Real Estate Owned (REO) Property is Created … Read more
  • Can a contractors lien cause a house to go to foreclosure auction?
    Is it possible for a contractors lien to cause a house to go to foreclosure auction? This question is answered in detail here. Can a Contractor’s Lien Cause a Foreclosure? The answer is no. A contractors lien cannot by itself … Read more
  • Acquire Foreclosed Houses by Buying the Right of Redemption
    Buying foreclosures usually means bidding at a foreclosure auction or making offers to a banks for properties. This can be a time consuming and frustrating process. However, what if an investor could go straight to a property owner and acquire … Read more
  • Do You Need a License to Wholesale Houses?
    Wholesaling houses has truly become one of the best ways to get into the real estate investing industry. However, when it comes to real estate wholesaling many people wonder if a real estate license is a must to get started. … Read more
  • When is the Best Foreclosure Auction Time of Year?
    Is there a certain time of the year when most foreclosure auctions take place? When is the best foreclosure auction time of the year? This article discusses some of the major timing factors. To answer this question we need to … Read more
  • How to Pay After Winning a House Foreclosure Auction?
    This article discusses how to pay after winning a house foreclosure auction, including methods, timing and procedures for payment. Let’s assume you’ve bid on a property at a foreclosure auction and ended up winning the bid. Now, how do you … Read more
  • What Types of Properties Can You Buy at a Foreclosure Auction?
    This article discusses the different types of properties you can buy at a foreclosure auction and the pros and cons of each. Single Family Homes The most popular type of property to be auctioned at a foreclosure auction is the … Read more
  • Foreclosure Auctions – What If the Homeowner Files Bankruptcy Before the Auction?
    So you’re ready to go to a foreclosure auction and have prepared well for it. You have even looked at some of the properties and have your eyes on one in particular. However, the property you’re interested in did not … Read more
  • Foreclosure Auctions – Does a Quitclaim Deed Give Clear Title?
    So you are about to complete the purchase a property at a foreclosure auction and have been given a quitclaim deed for the title. But is it a clear title? What is a Quitclaim Deed? A Quitclaim Deed is a … Read more
  • What Happens After Winning a Foreclosure Auction?
    So you have the winning bid at a foreclosure auction. Congratulations! Now what? Here we will discuss what happens for the buyer immediately after the foreclosure auction ends. Paying for the Property After a Foreclosure Auction Completing the sale at … Read more
  • What Happens if a Foreclosure Auction is Postponed?
    This article discusses what happens if a foreclosure auction is postponed or delayed. We discuss the types and reasons for postponement, who triggers them, and the effects. Postponement of a foreclosure auction may occur months, weeks, or even days leading … Read more
  • Worst Mistakes When Flipping a Short Sale House
    Flipping short sales houses is a great way to make profits under certain market conditions. However, errors can be costly in terms of time and money. In this article we discuss some of the worst mistakes when flipping a short … Read more
  • How to Finance a Short Sale House?
    A short sale can be a great way to get a good deal on a property. In this article we’re going to discuss how to finance a short sale house purchase. Short sale financing will be unique to each situation, … Read more
  • Government Foreclosure Auctions List
    This is a great list of government foreclosure auctions to help find foreclosed properties of all types to buy and sell for a profit. Foreclosure Auction Aggregators These sites are great for finding federal, state and local auctions without visiting … Read more
  • Can You Use a Hard Money Loan For Foreclosures?
    The short answer to the question whether you can use a hard money loan for foreclosures is “yes”. In this article we discuss how hard money loans work for financing purchases of foreclosed real estate, and some tips to consider. … Read more
  • How to Purchase a Foreclosure at Auction: 3 Things You MUST Know To Avoid Losing Money
    Foreclosed homes usually have things wrong with them below the surface that may not be found until after the auction. These issues can kill the profit from a foreclosure deal before you ever get started fixing up the home for … Read more
  • How To Use a Hard Money Loan To Buy an Investment Property
    Hard money can provide real estate investors with fast capital when they spot a great deal. However, the specifics of the process need to be well-understood by investors to protect themselves from risk. We discuss how to use a hard … Read more
  • Hard Money vs. Private Money – What’s the Difference?
    There are many ways to finance real estate, flip houses or buy and hold properties. However, the wide variety of financing options may not be clear to many borrowers, limiting their access to capital. In this post we discuss hard … Read more
  • When Are Hard Money Loans Illegal?
    When are hard money loans illegal? What are the conditions that can make these types of loans illegal? Read on to find out… Loans secured by collateral (aka “hard money”) are not illegal per se. Lenders with capital can provide … Read more
  • Essential Hard Money Loan Requirements
    If you need fast financing for your real estate project, a hard money loan may be your best bet. While these loans have many benefits, you must first understand how they work. Below are the essential hard money loan requirements … Read more
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    The goal of taking out a hard money loan is to get financing quickly and with good terms. But hard money lenders have secrets they will keep from you to maximize their profits. We discuss these hard money lender secrets … Read more
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    Hard money loans can be a great financing method for real estate investors to get the funds they need fast. But they come with their own risks. Here are some good, bad, and ugly scenarios that can occur with hard … Read more
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    If you are a real estate investor looking to start a new project, it is helpful to understand the benefits of hard money loans for financing. In this article, we discuss the 21 benefits of hard money loans to help … Read more
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    Can you get a hard money loan when you have bad credit? We answer that question in this post. Getting a hard money loan can mean the difference between getting in on a highly profitable fix-and-flip property deal or having … Read more
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