San Antonio House Flipping Guide

San Antonio House Flipping Guide
San Antonio House Flipping

House flippers will do business more successfully using this San Antonio house flipping guide.

San Antonio is a major city in Texas and is a great place to live and invest in real estate for many reasons. Antonio has a strong and growing economy with industries such as health care, energy, and tourism. Jobs in San Antonio are expected to grow in the future, leading many new home buyers to look for properties here.

The overall population of San Antonio has been growing over the past several decades at a rate of 7%. San Antonio has plenty of neighborhoods great for home buyers to raise families in. There are house flipping and real estate investment groups available to join to learn more about the business and to meet other investors. 

Overall, house flippers should not be afraid to flip houses in San Antonio, and this guide should help.

Key House Flipping Stats for San Antonio

Population1,511,946 and 5 year growth rate of 7%
IncomeAverage Household Income of $56,744 and 5 year
growth rate of 3%
Home Value Average price of 3 bedroom 2 bath home of $175,000 and 5 year growth rate of 45%
Cost of Living San Antonio is 87.5 vs 100 for the U.S. cost of living
New Home Starts 10,688

Property Taxes

Bexar County

Bexar County, Texas has a median property tax of $2,484 per year for a home worth $117,100. This county collects 2.12% of a property’s fair market value as property tax on average.

Bexar County residents pay about 4.05% of their yearly income on property tax.

Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector

Medina County

Medina County has a median property tax of $1,427 per year for a home worth $102,900 as a median market value. This averages 1.39% of a property’s fair value as a property tax.

About 2.51% of residents’ yearly income is paid as property tax in Medina County.

A homestead exemption may exist for primary residences.

Medina County Tax Assessor-Collector

Comal County

The median property tax is $2,782 per year for home worth the median market value of $187,400.

On average, 1.48% of a Comal County property market value is paid as property tax.

Comal County residents pay about 3.67% of their income as property tax annually.

Properties that are considered the primary residence of the taxpayer may be eligible for a homestead exemption.

Comal County Tax Office

Flood Zones

City of San Antonio Flood Emergency GIS Map

San Antonio Flood Zones Descriptions and ARCGIS Map!

San Antonio SARA Floodplain Viewer

Crime Rates

San Antonio Crime Rate 427.5 crime index versus 280.5 U.S. average



The San Antonio International Airport (SAT) is located about eight miles north of Downtown of the city.


The city’s metropolitan transit authority VIA Metropolitan Transit provides buses throughout.

XVIA offers 89 regular bus routes and two Downtown streetcar routes.


Amtrak serves San Antonio with two routes. One goes to Chicago from San Antonio and the other goes from Los Angeles to New Orleans.

The city has a proposed passenger rail line called LSTAR that would link San Antonio to Austin, Texas.

San Antonio is the only large Texas city without toll roads.


There are roughly 136 miles of bike lanes and paths throughout the city of San Antonio. Many travel alongside the San Antonio river and other parks. The city has made great progress in recent years to become a bicycle friendly community.

A bike sharing service has existed since 2010 and consists of over 100 bikes at 14 locations with a “central hub”. It is expected to serve both residents and visitors. 

Neighborhoods to Flip Houses in San Antonio

Alamo Heights/Terrell Hills

This neighborhood has a median home value of $545,000. Great public schools and a very good atmosphere for families characterize this neighborhood. However, crime levels are not spectacularly low.

Tobin Hill

Tobin Hill has a median home value of $214,137. This neighborhood does not have outstanding good public schools, but is good for families and nightlife.

Stone Oak

The median home value in this neighborhood is $305,200. Average crime levels exist here, but the area is great for families, nightlife, and public schools.

House Flipping Resources in San Antonio

Financing Real Estate Deals in San Antonio

San Antonio Hard Money Lenders

Foreclosure Auctions

Bexar County Courthouse Address: 8918 Tesoro Dr, Ste 300, San Antonio, TX 78217

Bexar County Foreclosures

Many foreclosures listings can be found online at Zillow

Medina County Courthouse
1100 16th Street
Hondo, Texas

(830) 741-6000

Medina County Sheriff Sales

Comal County Courthouse

199 Main Plz, New Braunfels, TX 78130, United States

Comal County Texas Foreclosures and Trustee Sales

Comal County Foreclosures on Zillow

Title Searches

Bexar County Clerk Real Property

Bexar County Clerk

Medina County

Comal County Clerk Records Information Webpage


City of San Antonio Development Services One Stop Map

City of San Antonio Zoning Commission

City of San Antonio Zoning Overview

City of San Antonio Permitted Uses in Zoning Districts With Examples

Build Code and Permits

San Antonio House Flipping Tips


Look for a local company that purchases houses on the cheap to flip your house fast. The price offered may be lower than the market rate but the speed of the sale may be worth it.


Don’t spend too much buying the house or decorating it. Find the sweet spot by checking out the rest of the neighborhood to judge what is worth fixing.

What to Look out For

Look out for unexpected costs that may show up. Be sure to have a contingency in your budget. Also look out for the perks of the local neighborhood that can help you hype the house for potential buyers, such as good schools, restaurants, etc.

Real Estate Flipping and Investing Groups in San Antonio



Alamo REIA

San Antonio RENC

San Antonio House Flipping Outlook

San Antonio is in a prime location for people who like the outdoors and a metropolitan atmosphere. The economy of San Antonio has been strong for a number of years, and the population is growing. Home buyers come from all over the area looking to buy homes in this city. The home values in San Antonio have increased  recently making opportunities for house flippers that want to put in the effort to improve properties. Overall, house flipping in San Antonio can be lucrative when market conditions are favorable.

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