Dallas House Flipping Guide

Dallas House Flipping Guide

Dallas is a major city in the state of Texas and is a great place to live and invest in real estate for many reasons.

Dallas has a strong and growing economy with industries such as tech, defense, financial services, and transportation. Job growth in Dallas is on a long term uptrend, leading many new home buyers to look for properties here.

The overall population of Dallas has been growing over the past several decades at a rate of 8%. Dallas contains neighborhoods great for home buyers to raise families in. There are plenty of house flipping and real estate investment groups available to join to learn more about the business and to meet other investors. 

Key House Flipping Statistics for Dallas

Population 1,341,075 and 5 year growth rate of 8%
Income Average Household Income of $67,382 and 5 year growth rate of 10%
Home Value Average price of 3 bedroom 2 bath home of $212,000 and 5 year growth rate of 50%
Cost of Living Dallas is 94.1 vs 100 for the U.S. cost of living index
New Home Starts 63,421

Dallas Property Taxes

Dallas County

For a median house value of $129,700, the median property tax in Dallas County, Texas is $2,827 per year. On average, Dallas County collects 2.18% of a property’s assessed market value as property tax.

About 4.3% of Dallas County resident’s yearly income is paid by county residents as property tax.

A homestead exemption may exist for properties that are the primary residence of a taxpayer.


Collin County

In Collin County, Texas, the median property tax is $4,351 per year for the median home here worth $199,000. Collin County collects 2.19% of a property’s assessed fair market value as property tax, on average. This amounts to about 4.33% of resident’s yearly income.

For the primary residence of the taxpayer, a homestead exemption may exist in Collin County.

Collin County Tax Assessor-Collector:


Denton County

$3,822 per year for a home worth the median value of $178,300 is the median property tax for Denton County. On average, this is 2.14% of a property’s assessed fair market value as property tax.

The average yearly property tax paid by Denton County residents amounts to about 4.07% of their yearly income. 

Like other counties of Dallas, a homestead exemption may exist. 

Denton County Tax Assessor-Collector:


Rockwall County

$4,054 per year for a home worth the median value of $189,000 is the median property tax in Rockwall County. On average, 2.14% of a property’s assessed fair market value as property tax in this county.

This amounts to about 4.71% of resident’s yearly income.

For properties considered the primary residence of the taxpayer, a homestead exemption may exist.

Rockwall County Texas Tax Office:


Kaufman County

The median property tax in Kaufman County paid by residents for a home median value of $130,000 is $2,597 per year. On average, 2% of a property’s assessed fair market value is collected as property tax in this county. This totals to an average yearly property tax paid by residents of about 3.74% of their yearly income. 

A homestead exemption may exist for properties that are considered the primary residence of the taxpayer.


Dallas Flood Zones

Search by address to determine if a property is in a high risk area for flooding at the FEMA Flood Map Service Center:


Flooding risk is minimal in large parts of the city, but some Dallas neighborhoods who have never had a flood may face one in the future.

The federal government periodically updates its maps identifying flood risks. Some areas are in a zone with a high flood risk for the first time.

Some properties will require national flood insurance because homeowners’ insurance does not cover floods.

Dallas County Floodplain Administration:


FEMA flood maps through floodpartners.com:


Crime Rates in Dallas

Dallas Crime Rate 429.3 crime index versus 280.5 U.S. average

Dallas Transportation

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is the public transportation authority in Dallas. This agency provides bus and rail service.


Four light rail lines are currently in service: the Red Line, Green Line, and Blue Line serve Dallas commuters.

Fort Worth is connected with Dallas via a commuter rail line, the Trinity Railway Express, connecting downtown Dallas’s Union Station with downtown Fort Worth’s T&P Station.

Ride Sharing

RideSearch.com is a rideshare program based out of Carrollton, Texas and serves the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Since 2008, RideSearch.com has been helping to find a carpool for many people in the Dallas metro area.


Greyhound Lines operates most of the inter-city bus service to and from the Dallas area.

Megabus operates low-cost double-decker coaches from Dallas to other large cities in Texas and Arkansas.

Shofur operates charter bus services from Dallas to major cities in Texas.

Other bus services include:

  • El Expreso Bus Company
  • Tornado Bus Company
  • Turimex Internacional
  • Omnibus Express
  • Los Paisanos Autobuses


Dallas has two commercial airports: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Dallas Love Field.

Also, Dallas Executive Airport is a general aviation airport located within the city limits. Addison Airport is another general aviation airport located just outside the city limits in the suburb of Addison.

Neighborhoods to Flip Houses in Dallas / Fort Worth

Forrest Hill in Fort Worth

Median home value $66,800, but the crime level, school quality and family environment might leave something to be desired.

Overton Road / Dallas South side

Median home values sit around $61,000, far lower than the national average. However, this area while having good nightlife may not be favorable to families and good quality schools.

Hard Money Lenders in Dallas

Dallas Hard Money Lenders

Dallas Foreclosure Auctions

Foreclosure listings in Dallas can be found on zillow:


The Dallas County Neighborhood Revitalization Program For Tax Foreclosure Resales:


Many foreclosure auctions take place online for Dallas, or are special engagements at certain locations.

Title Searches

Dallas County

Dallas County Recording Division


Dallas County Online Record Search


Collin County

Collin County Deed Search


Collin County Tax Assessor-Collector


Collin County Property Search


Denton County

Denton County Tax Office


Denton Central Appraisal District


Rockwall County

Rockwall County Clerk


Rockwall Central Appraisal District


Rockwall County Property Records


Kaufman County

Kaufman County Texas County Clerk


Kaufman County Development Services


Dallas Zoning

City of Dallas Sustainable Development and Construction


City of Dallas Zoning Map


Dallas County Zoning


Building Code and Permits in Dallas

City of Dallas Sustainable Development and Construction


Dallas County Building Permit Application and Process


Dallas House Flipping Tips


There really is not a bad area in the entire Dallas Metroplex if you stay within moderate valued areas.  Also, lots of new businesses have been moving to the Dallas area over the past few years.. But make sure you work with someone who has access to the MLS, such as a realtor.


Don’t pay more than you need as there are plenty of over-priced properties in good-to-great neighborhoods in Dallas / Forth Worth . Also, do not try to make your practice work without using a the MLS over the longterm.

What to Look Out For

Look for decent neighborhoods and properties that are not necessarily great quality. These can still prodouce good returns for investors.

Real Estate Flipping and Investing Groups in Dallas

Dallas REIG


Dallas REIA


Dallas real estate flipping meetup


Dallas House Flipping Outlook

Dallas is in a prime location for people who like the outdoors due to a mild and sunny climate, and situated near many lakes that are great for recreation. The economy of Dallas has been strong for a number of years, and the population is growing. Home buyers come from all over the area are looking to buy homes in Dallas. The home values in Dallas have increased  recently, creating opportunities for house flippers. Overall, house flipping in Dallas can be lucrative and the long term outlook is strong.

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