Renovation Costs: Interior and Exterior Door Replacement

Interior Door Installation Cost 

Interior doors are used to compartmentalize spaces, reduce noise pollution, and provide privacy. The costs of installing doors vary greatly based on the types of doors, door frames, trim replacements, fittings used for the job. Other factors affecting cost are whether the doors are hollow or solid core and whether the doors – or pre-hung. In addition, the cost of removing doors before installation and disposing of them must be calculated into your budget, too.

Project Average Cost
Complete installation of the door $155 – $2800+
Door removal and disposal $30 – $80
Door frame $100 – $225
Trim replacement $20 – $200
Interior door painting $100
Widening door frame $100 – $300
Replacement of interior door hardware $60 – $200
Replacement of door threshold $30 – $80
Labor cost $250 – $275

Exterior Door Installation Cost 

Exterior doors are selected for their cosmetic appeal, noise reduction qualities, security, and ability to add value to the home. On average, the cost to install an exterior door is between $420 and $1,688. However, the money spent can range from $300 to $5,000 or more. The installation costs include the type of door installed, door frame, trim replacement, fittings, locks, glass panels, windows, and removal and disposal of the old door.

Given the wide variety of exterior doors that can be installed in a home, let’s look at a chart of the highly variable average costs of installing an exterior door.

Type of Door Installation Average Cost
French $550 -$5,800
Security $290 – $2,680
Double $1,000 – $9,100
Sliding Glass $600 – $5,600
Fire-rated Steel $400 – $1,300
Accordion or Folding Glass $3,100 – $13,800+
Multi-Slide or Telescoping $5,100 – $17,800+
Storm  $175 – $900
Screen  $125 – $600
Patio $500 – $6,200

Door Repair Cost 

When given a choice between repairing a door and replacing it, most people choose to replace it. Doors are generally replaced because the repair and replacement costs are almost equal. Still, there are times when it is better to repair your door. 

Door repair costs vary as much as the types of doors installed and the conditions under which they are used. Common problems include door sagging, door swelling, dents/chips in the doors, damage to the door frame, and hardware and locks that need to be replaced. The budget you set for this depends on if you are doing the work yourself, hiring a general handyman, or employing a licensed professional to fix the problem for you. Some common problems and the average cost of repairing them are in the chart below. 

Type of Repair Average Cost
Entry door repair $350 – $1,050
Interior door repair $350 – $650
Door frame $350 – $850
Hardware and locks $80 – $480
Casing and trim $60/side
Interior door frame $7 – $14/linear ft
Exterior door frame $7 – $20/linear ft
Rotted door frame $36/rotted section
Door jamb $7.40/linear ft
Door hinges $10 – $21
Weatherstripping exterior door $10 – $40
Doorstops/plates $5 – $15
Door slab $30 – $300

Rotted Door Frame: Repair or Replace? 

When deciding whether you will repair or replace your rotted door frame, you should carefully examine the condition of your door frame. First, examine the door frame to determine if there is any rot and the extent of the rot if you find some. Signs of rot include discolored wood (e.g., yellow or brown discoloration), rooted-up paint, bumps in the wood, and wood powder falling from the door when you tap it or shake it. 

Then, repair the door frame if the rot is located at the bottom of the frame, the rotted area is not too big, the door frame is not too old, and there are no large bumps in the frame. 

If there are rotted sections in different parts of it, if it’s old, if it has been repaired before and the rot has come back, or if the frame has been damaged, replace the door frame. Other signs that may require you to replace the door frame are if the frame is warped, skewed, or otherwise ineffective. You may also consider the overall cost of replacing or repairing the door frame. If the costs are about the same, then replace the door frame. By replacing the door frame, you are less likely to have rotting problems in the near future, you save money, and you are likely to resolve other door frame-related problems.

Cost to Replace Front Door and Frame 

Front doors and frames are replaced when drafts are coming into the home, the door frame is sticky, the door jamb is split, or there are problems with sagging. If your door frame needs to be replaced, it will cost you between $350 and $850. This is the average range of costs associated with a door frame replacement. The total cost will be affected by the costs of labor, material, and any cosmetic work you have done after replacing the door frame. 

Cost to Install Exterior Door in Wall 

The cost to install an exterior door in the wall, on average, is $1,400 to $3,500. The estimate includes the cost of building permits, structural engineer plans, widening the doorway, framing, and installing the new door. Your project’s cost will be greater if utility lines must be rerouted or the exterior door is being installed in a brick wall.

Installation-Related Costs Average Cost
Permits and structural engineering plans $550 – $780
Creating a door opening in the wall $400 – $800
Framing the door opening $230 – $600
Installing a new door $230 – $1300

Old Door Restoration: Stripping and Refinishing Wood Doors

Old door restoration includes stripping and refinishing wood doors. On average, this job will cost you between $161.00 and $376.00 per door. The final estimate will have to be adjusted for the type of door restored, the condition of the door, the time required to complete the job, cost of materials, number of coats of paint or staining used on the door. 


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