Wholesaling Houses Case Study

Wholesaling Houses Case Study

Before wholesaling houses, reviewing a few successful case studies can help.” Such case studies offer the foundational knowledge you will need to make wise decisions when wholesaling. My First Wholesaling Case Study I have closed on many real estate deals in the past. None, however, came close to the cash flow and increased profits I … Read more

Where to Find Properties for Wholesaling?

Find Properties For Wholesaling

Real estate agents are always on the lookout for potential properties they can sell through numerous means. While there are multiple means of selling a property, including fixing and flipping and foreclosure, we will be focusing on wholesaling in this article. Wholesaling real estate is usually when a classified real estate wholesaler creates a contract … Read more

Do “We Buy Houses Ads” Work For Wholesaling Houses?

We Buy Houses Ads

If you’re looking for an avenue to make quick money and build your equity over time, then wholesale houses is your best option. This is a legit real estate investing strategy that helps new real estate investors enter the industry without any risk. But, more importantly, through this strategy, you can start making profits in … Read more

Can You Wholesale Houses Without a Limited Liability Company (LLC)?

Limited Liability Company

Yes, you can wholesale houses without a limited liability company (LLC). However, it is advisable to create an LLC and then wholesale houses. Many wholesalers, unfortunately, make the critical mistake of not creating or procrastinating on setting up an LLC. This often kills their potential returns and exposes them to a variety of risks along … Read more

Can You Wholesale Houses That Have Liens?


The concept of wholesaling houses revolves around making money out of distressed properties. They are completely opposite of MLS (Multiple Listing Services) properties. MLS properties are retail properties that are sold to retail buyers through either cash or financing. Most often, these properties are sale and move-in ready. However, that’s not the case with distressed … Read more

How to Wholesale Houses in a Competitive Market

Wholesale Competitive Market

Did you know that real estate wholesaling is the easiest way to enter the industry right now? There are no capital, cash or credit score requirements. The best part is that you can make profits quickly. No wonder real estate wholesaling is skyrocketing in popularity. However, this growing popularity is now attracting more wholesalers, which … Read more

Can You Wholesale Houses Using a Loan?

Loan Wholesale House

Although property investment is an excellent way to build your equity, holding it can expose you to several risks. These risks may include vandalism, market swings and natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes. Needless to say, the everyday challenges related to property holding can take your time by keeping you tied and busy. As an … Read more

Is Wholesaling Houses Better Than Fix & Flip Houses?

Wholesaling Houses

Are you new to the real estate industry? Do you have little or no investment capital? Then we’d advise you to opt for wholesaling houses over fix and flip properties. Although fix and flip houses offer high ROIs, the process requires a great deal of experience and patience. How is Wholesaling Houses Better Than Fix … Read more

Are Wholesale Houses Better Than Foreclosures?

Wholesale Houses Better Than Foreclosures

‘Are wholesale houses better than foreclosures?’ is definitely a tricky question. It can’t be answered in a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The reason is that foreclosures have their own pros and cons. Often, wholesalers tap into foreclosures to make money. In other words, wholesalers contract foreclosures and then wholesale them to cash buyers to take … Read more

Are Wholesale Houses a Scam?

Wholesale Houses Scam

Real estate wholesaling strategy may seem like a scam to many people for different reasons. For example, there is practically nothing to lose or any risk involved. Wholesalers can enter the market without making any investment. They can even benefit from this strategy, regardless of what their credit score may be. Since it sounds too … Read more

What is the Best Way to Advertise to Find Wholesale Houses?

Advertise Wholesale Houses

Wholesaling houses is one of the best and easiest ways to enter the real estate industry. This investment strategy doesn’t require any capital, investment or a good credit score either. Although it is a great way to get your foot in the housing sector door, it does require hard work. New wholesalers need to know … Read more

Are Wholesale Houses Better Than REO Properties?

Wholesale Versus REO Properties

For those who are wondering whether wholesale houses are better than REO properties, then this post is must-read for you. In this post, we’ll help you evaluate both options so that you can make an informed investment decision. Wholesale Houses vs. REO Properties—How are They Different? Wholesale houses are distressed or undervalued properties owned by … Read more