What is the Best Way to Advertise to Find Wholesale Houses?

Wholesaling houses is one of the best and easiest ways to enter the real estate industry. This investment strategy doesn’t require any capital, investment or a good credit score either. Although it is a great way to get your foot in the housing sector door, it does require hard work. New wholesalers need to know the best way to advertise to find wholesale houses. This task is the first and most crucial one when wholesaling houses. Before we share with you different ways for finding motivated sellers, let us give you an overview of motivated sellers.

Motivated Sellers—Who Are They?

A motivated seller is a home owner who is interested in selling off their property quickly. They are considered gold by real estate investors of all types, especially wholesalers. This is because such sellers are willing to sell their properties even at a price that is below the market value. Motivated sellers do so because they are in a time crunch situation, so they have to finalize the deal fast. Wholesalers are always on the hunt for underpriced and discounted deals on which they can make profits. Therefore, motivated sellers are extremely important to finding and signing attractive real estate
deals for wholesalers.

How to Advertise to Find Wholesale Houses

When it comes to marketing and finding motivated sellers, it is a two-way process. This means you can either use different strategies to find discounted houses or advertise to get found by motivated sellers. Both strategies can contribute towards your success. If you’re thinking to advertise, consider using the following marketing strategies to attract motivated sellers:


Invest in sign boards like billboards, ads on buses, subways, bandit signs and bench ads. Signs are among the most common yet effective advertising tools to generate inbound calls from motivated sellers. However, you must place the signs carefully for best results. This involves legwork like:

  • Getting information on traffic counts and demographics
  • Determining whether a local or toll-free number is the right choice
  • Installing automated phone handling systems to manage the volume of phone calls by motivated sellers

Direct Mail

Use direct mail to advertise to motivated sellers. Be creative by picking from options like post cards, newsletters or handwritten letters. Mix in and rotate all options for optimal results. Make sure to land your mail on days that can get you more attention and responses from your target audience.

Create a Website

Create your own website to advertise to motivated sellers. On this website, you can post information about your services, experience and how it will benefit the motivated sellers. Furthermore, you can also start a real estate blog and let the motivated sellers come to you. However, to make sure that your website is easily found by your audience, get some help from an SEO expert. SEO techniques can help improve your site’s search engine visibility and get found by your target audience easily.

Magazine and Newspaper

Use magazines, newspaper and online classifieds, such as Craigslist to generate calls from motivated sellers. You can run an advertorial or get a column in the newspaper to market your services.


This is another effective advertising strategy for generating leads. Try building your network with other business owners and real estate professionals. Share with them information on how you can help their
clients with real estate selling. This can also help you attract motivated sellers. So, if you are looking to attract sellers then use these strategies in combination to advertise your services. Once you find motivated sellers, you will eventually get access to the best real estate wholesaling deals.

Now you have learned the Best Way to Advertise to Find Wholesale Houses. Keep reading, and learn more about the process of buying and selling wholesale properties in our next post.

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