Do “We Buy Houses Ads” Work For Wholesaling Houses?

If you’re looking for an avenue to make quick money and build your equity over time, then wholesale houses is your best option. This is a legit real estate investing strategy that helps new real estate investors enter the industry without any risk. But, more importantly, through this strategy, you can start making profits in the fastest time. The quick turnover time and practically no barriers to entry make real estate wholesaling attractive for investors.

Get Started By Finding a Motivated Seller

The first step to getting started with wholesaling houses is to find a motivated seller. A motivated seller is someone who is willing to sell off their property fast. These sellers are considered gold to real estate investors, such as wholesalers. This is because they have distressed properties and are willing to sell them at cheaper rates—below the market price.

In other words, a motivated seller is in a time crunch situation. Thus, they are the most ready to contract with wholesalers. Once you find a motivated seller, get the property under contract so that you can wholesale it to a cash buyer.

Advertise on—They Work!

One of the best ways to attract cash buyers is by advertising on websites like WeBuyHouses.Com. This website, in particular, is an authentic site where you can find cash buyers easily. By advertising on this website, you can save time as you will be immediately contacted and presented with an offer. The cash buyer will be willing to buy the property as it is. This means that you don’t have to invest in any kind of costly repairs.

Furthermore, these are no-obligation offers. You know what that means? This means that there are no showings or clean ups needed. Besides this, you don’t even have to pay the typical closings costs. It’s that convenient. Once you accept the offer, you can then proceed with closing the deal. The deal can be closed within three weeks.

Whether it’s a condo, duplex or a two-story home, you can advertise on and find cash buyers easily. Simply stated, it’s definitely one of the best ways to advertise wholesale houses and fetch a quick offer. You can use this platform to find cash buyers in the shortest time and close the deal fast.

Build Your Buyers List Overtime

However, you can work on building an investor buyers’ list through networking at REI club meetings. REI stands for real estate investment. REI club meetings provide networking opportunities where wholesalers can connect with cash buyers who are ready to invest in distressed properties.
Other ways to connect with cash buyers are via direct mail, Craigslist and referrals. Use different methods to find cash buyers. By doing so, you’ll be able to wholesale more houses fast and improve your profit margins.

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