Who Buys Wholesale Houses?

Who Buys Wholesale Houses

If you’re considering dealing in wholesaling houses, then you need to target the right people. It is important to find potential property buyers fast before the contract with the home seller expires. In real estate wholesaling, it is critical to find cash buyers. This is because cash buyers are ready to purchase houses immediately without … Read more

What Are Wholesale Houses?

What Are Wholesale Houses

Interested in earning through real estate, but don’t have the money to invest? Don’t want to deal with landlord related duties and hassle either? Then real estate wholesaling is the best choice for you. Real estate wholesaling is a short term business strategy that involves the selling of wholesale houses. If you want to know … Read more

Should I Flip Wholesale Houses?

Flip Wholesale Houses

“Should I flip wholesale houses?” This is one of the first questions people ask when thinking about doing short term real estate deals. There are pros and cons to wholesaling that should be considered before starting this type of business. Deciding between buying & flipping and wholesaling houses can be challenging because both can be … Read more

How to Find Wholesale Houses

Find Wholesale Houses

Indeed wholesale houses represent a fantastic opportunity for wholesalers to make money with zero investment. However, these properties are not readily available so searching the MLS won’t do the trick. In order to find a wholesale house you need to do some legwork. And this is exactly what we’ll teach you in today’s post. How … Read more

How to Use a Home Repair Cost Estimator to Flip Houses

How to Use a Home Repair Cost Estimator

How to use a home repair cost estimator is just one of the many skills to have when flipping houses.  This is because the most important considerations regarding successful house flip projects are the investment and carrying costs. Flipping houses involves buying a house, fixing it up, and then reselling it for a profit. Professional … Read more

How to Finance a Foreclosure Auction Purchase

How to Finance a Foreclosure Auction Purchase

Foreclosure auctions can be great places for investors to purchase houses to flip at good prices. New auction buyers need to know how to finance a foreclosure auction purchase once they have the winning bid. We dive into the details in this article. Foreclosure.comFIND FORECLOSURES. Up To 50% Off! Foreclosure Auction Requirements Foreclosure auctions require … Read more

What is a Sheriff Sale Auction?

Sheriff Sale Auction

New real estate investors interested in sheriff sale auctions should know there are differences between the types of auctions out there. In this article, we will discuss what makes a sheriff sale auction, including what it is and how different aspects vary between locations. What is a Sheriff Sale Auction? The purpose of a sheriff … Read more

Who is Involved in a Foreclosure Auction?

Foreclosure Auction Participants

This article describes who is involved in a foreclosure auction and what their roles are. There can be multiple participants who are directly or indirectly involved. It helps to understand their role and motivations to ensure you’re successful! Foreclosure.comFIND FORECLOSURES. Up To 50% Off! Mortgage Lender(s) The Lender (typically a bank) owns the mortgage on … Read more

The 10 Best States to Flip a House

best states to flip a house

Flipping a house successfully depends on many factors, and an important one is location.  Are you investing in one of the best states to flip a house? Your profit could depend a lot on what state you’re in. Financial website GOBankingRates analyzed data from real estate site Zillow and property data warehouse ATTOM. Using a range of … Read more