What Are Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grants?

What Are Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grants

It’s a good idea to be on the lookout for opportunities to take part in large-scale grant programs. Among these are Neighborhood Stabilization Program grants. The program was started after the 2008 housing crisis and recession. It aims to provide funding for real estate projects in hard-hit communities – to stabilize and, eventually, revitalize them. … Read more

Do You Have To Pay Back A Real Estate Grant?

Grants are a great way to help cover the cost of purchasing or repairing a property. Some people, though, wonder if they’re too good to be true – they wonder if they’ll ever have to pay back real estate grants that they receive. Answering this question is good if only for peace of mind if … Read more

Can I Get A Grant to Fix My House?

Can I Get A Grant to Fix My House_

Whether from public or private institutions, grants are an excellent way to cover the costs of repairs or home improvements. They’re also too often ignored by homeowners. There are plenty of grant programs out there, many of them funded by the federal government. If your property needs improvement or repairs, you should check whether you’re … Read more

How Does the Good Neighbor Next Door Grant Program Work?

How Does the Good Neighbor Next Door Grant Program Work

What Is the HUD Good Neighbor Next Door Program? The HUD Good Neighbor Next Door grant program (GNND) is an attempt by the federal government to address two issues at once. Firstly, the program encourages people to invest in and live in revitalization areas. Second, it helps people in select groups, including law enforcement officers, … Read more

Top 5 Federal Real Estate Grants for Developers

5 Federal Real Estate Grants for Developers

Real estate developers can benefit from using federal real estate grants specifically designed to help them acquire, build, and/or renovate properties. These grants are provided for developers who increase housing options for low-income families, middle-income families, the elderly, and disabled people.  Federal grants make it easier for you to earn a profit on your real … Read more

Secret Grants for Home Renovation: Habitat for Humanity

Secret Grants for Home Renovation_ Habitat for Humanity

Are you tired of trying to find local and federal programs to help you fix up your home?  Does the mountain of paperwork and procedures make you give up before you start?  Are you one of those brave souls who found the grants, started filling out the paperwork, and soon discovered that you needed help, … Read more

9 Government Grants to Fix House Damages

9 Government Grants to Fix House Damages

If you are investing in damaged property or trying to repair the property that you already own, you can use these grants to pay for the repairs. Many U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs provide grants and loans to real estate developers and investors who look to create more affordable housing for … Read more

Neighborhood Revitalization Grants for Real Estate Investors

Neighborhood Revitalization Grants for Real Estate Investors

What Are Neighborhood Revitalization Grants? Neighborhood revitalization grants are funds allocated to states, cities, counties, non-governmental organizations, and nonprofit foundations. The goal is to use them to improve mostly low- and moderate-income communities. The oldest such federal program, the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), was started by President Gerald Ford in 1974. Since that time, … Read more

Tips For Using Housing Improvement Grants to Renovate Properties

Tips For Using Housing Improvement Grants to Renovate Properties

Anyone who has gone through a real estate renovation project from the beginning to the end will tell you that it’ll most likely take longer and cost more than you budgeted. That’s why housing improvement grants are a great way to help finance your renovation project. Of course, you need to know where to look … Read more

How to Get a Real Estate Grant to Rehab a Property

How to Get a Real Estate Grant to Rehab a Property

One of the biggest hindrances to purchasing a residential or commercial property for most developers is getting their hands on capital. Investors and property owners looking for capital to rehabilitate their properties face a similar problem. Although real estate flipping has become one of the most lucrative investment opportunities in the real estate industry, the … Read more

How Do Economic Development Administration (EDA) Grants Work?

How do EDA grants work

Economic development administration grants are given to impoverished or disaffected communities in the US to improve their lives. They are granted by the US EDA (Economic Development Administration). The US Economic Development Administration has been working with impoverished or distressed communities across the country for half a century. Not only do their grants improve the … Read more

How Are Real Estate Grants Taxed?

How are real estate grants taxed

Real estate grants are given out by the Federal government and State or Local governments to individual citizens or organizations. These grants are meant to uplift communities or become catalysts for economic development.  Like any other form of assistance from the government, these real estate grants have certain strings attached to them. To get grants, … Read more

5 Government Grants To Restore Old Homes

You can use these 5 government grants to restore old houses

The US Government has several grants which can be used for community development or real estate development. Among them are grants which are specifically used to repair or restore old homes. While these grants have stringent requirements and are separated into specific types of loans or grants, they represent substantial grants. You can use either … Read more

How Do Real Estate Redevelopment Grants Work?

Grants for real estate redevelopment

Real estate redevelopment grants help public/private partnership recipients finance the replacement, rehabilitation, repurposing, or improvement of existing industrial, residential, downtown, or commercial properties. When the public/private market is not supplying sufficient economic activity for the development or improvement of underused or blighted urban or suburban areas, redevelopment grants act as flexible financial assistance tools that … Read more

Can You Use Grants for Flipping Houses?

You can use grants to flip houses

The short answer is yes. You can apply for a government grant to flip houses. Buying homes in need of fixing up and repairing them to sell at a higher price is now a common practice. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, 138,000 houses were flipped by both individuals and institutions in 2017.  While applying for … Read more

List of Government Grants for Investment Properties

Government Grants For Investment Properties

If you are interested in real estate, it would be in your best interest to know about and go through the list of government grants for investment properties. And it’s clear to understand why. These grants from the government help them outsource and distribute the business of allotting homes to the people. Billions of dollars … Read more