Finding Money for House Flipping: Surefire Tactics That Work

Money For House Flipping

People in the fix-and-flip business often find themselves in a fix when it comes to finding money for house flipping. As portrayed by most TV reality shows, house flippers buy cheap property, remodel it, and then sell it for top dollar. While it’s indeed true, these shows tend to not show what happens between the … Read more

A Beginner’s Guide to Finding House Flipping Investment Groups

Finding House Flipping Investment Groups

Investing in a house flipping business involves great risks. Not only is it costly to get started in the first place but it brings along the complexity of dealing with taxes, purchase and repair costs. This often intimidates real estate investors – and that’s a shame considering the lucrative nature of the business. This is … Read more

List of Government Grants for Investment Properties

Government Grants For Investment Properties

If you are interested in real estate, it would be in your best interest to know about and go through the list of government grants for investment properties. And it’s clear to understand why. These grants from the government help them outsource and distribute the business of allotting homes to the people. Billions of dollars … Read more

59 Hard Money Loan Tips for House Flippers

Hard Money Loan Tips

Are you ready to finance a house flip using a hard money loan? Read these 59 hard money loan tips to ensure you cover all your bases! Tip #1: Overestimate Your Rehab Project Timeframe Always expect the unexpected when flipping houses. Problems with property rehabs including contractor issues will extend the project timeline, leading to … Read more

What Happens if a Foreclosure Auction is Postponed?

Foreclosure Auction Postponed

This article discusses what happens if a foreclosure auction is postponed or delayed. We discuss the types and reasons for postponement, who triggers them, and the effects. Postponement of a foreclosure auction may occur months, weeks, or even days leading up to the auction date; often without notice to buyers. At courthouse auctions the auctioneer … Read more

Hard Money vs. Private Money – What’s the Difference?

Hard Money vs. Private Money

There are many ways to finance real estate, flip houses or buy and hold properties. However, the wide variety of financing options may not be clear to many borrowers, limiting their access to capital. In this post we discuss hard money vs. private money loans, including their differences and similarities. Hard Money vs. Private Money … Read more

11 Dangers of Hard Money Loans

Dangers of Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are a great option for certain types of real estate investors. However, there are some hidden pitfalls borrowers need to be aware of. In this post, we discuss 10 dangers of hard money loans. 1. Hard Money Loans Are Expensive Hard money loans can be expensive in comparison to other types of … Read more

List of House Flipping & Investment Groups

House Flipping Investment Groups

House flipping investment groups are independent investors who purchase real estate to flip, wholesale or buy & hold. Many groups hold meetings with other investors to learn about real estate flipping opportunities and potentially invest in them together. Members of investment groups pool in their money and make investment decisions together. This is often more … Read more

Foreclosures vs. Short Sale Homes – What Should an Investor Buy?

Foreclosure Versus Short Sale

Foreclosures versus short sale homes have been a longstanding debate in real estate investing. Below is a comprehensive list of differences that can help you better understand which option is most suitable for your real estate investment strategy. Foreclosure.comFIND FORECLOSURES. Up To 50% Off! What Is A Foreclosure? It is integral to know exactly what … Read more

The Best House Flipping Spreadsheet Features You Need

The Best House Flipping Spreadsheet Features You Need

Tools for house flipping can be critical to making the process efficient and profitable. One of which is a house flipping spreadsheet. However, not all house flipping spreadsheets are the same. Some House Flipping Spreadsheet Features You Need: Deal Analysis Project Management Accounting Reporting Estimate Repair Costs & Analyze the Maximum Purchase Price Creates Scopes … Read more

Estimating Rehab Costs – 5 Traps to Avoid

5 Traps to Avoid When Estimating Rehab Costs

Estimating rehab costs accurately is an extremely important part of the house flipping process. Without it, a house flip project can cost more time and money than intended. There are some traps a house flipper must avoid when estimating house rehab costs. Trap #1: General Project Cost Miscalculation Estimating rehab costs incorrectly is an easy … Read more

What to Look For in a Home Renovation Cost Estimator Spreadsheet

What to Look For in a Home Renovation Cost Estimator Spreadsheet

House flippers are often very busy, and saving time and money is usually important them. They should use all the tools and help available, whether this comes from other flippers, contractors, friends, or even computer software. One way to do this is to find a good home renovation cost estimator spreadsheet program. However, not all … Read more

How to Get Foreclosure Listings With Minimal Time and Cost

how to get foreclosure listings

New real estate investors often want to know how to get foreclosure listings without spending lots of time and money. There are many places to get inexpensive or free foreclosure listings. Here’s a quick list below. Government Websites Government websites are great places to get foreclosure listings. Although these sites provide the information for free, … Read more