Worst Mistakes When Flipping a Short Sale House

Mistakes Flipping a Short Sale House

Flipping short sales houses is a great way to make profits under certain market conditions. However, errors can be costly in terms of time and money. In this article we discuss some of the worst mistakes when flipping a short sale house. Mistake #1: Assuming Everything is a Quick Short Sale Flip An ideal short … Read more

Government Foreclosure Auctions List

Government Foreclosure Auctions List

This is a great list of government foreclosure auctions to help find foreclosed properties of all types to buy and sell for a profit. Foreclosure Auction Aggregators These sites are great for finding federal, state and local auctions without visiting multiple sites. You can find upcoming tax, IRS, police and sheriff’s auctions on these foreclosure … Read more

Can You Use a Hard Money Loan For Foreclosures?

Hard Money Loan for Foreclosures

The short answer to the question whether you can use a hard money loan for foreclosures is “yes”. In this article we discuss how hard money loans work for financing purchases of foreclosed real estate, and some tips to consider. Hard Money Loans for Foreclosures With pre-foreclosure short sales and foreclosure property auctions, it’s essential … Read more

How to Purchase a Foreclosure at Auction: 3 Things You MUST Know To Avoid Losing Money

how to purchase a foreclosure

Foreclosed homes usually have things wrong with them below the surface that may not be found until after the auction. These issues can kill the profit from a foreclosure deal before you ever get started fixing up the home for resale. It is crucial that a buyer research and know as much as possible about … Read more

Are Wholesale Houses Better Than Foreclosures?

Wholesale Houses Better Than Foreclosures

‘Are wholesale houses better than foreclosures?’ is definitely a tricky question. It can’t be answered in a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The reason is that foreclosures have their own pros and cons. Often, wholesalers tap into foreclosures to make money. In other words, wholesalers contract foreclosures and then wholesale them to cash buyers to take … Read more

Is it better to buy houses at foreclosure auctions when the market is rising or falling?

Foreclosure Auction - Buy When Market is Rising or Falling?

There are many factors to consider when buying a home to flip at a foreclosure auction. One key factor is estimating the right price when buying houses at foreclosure auction, regardless of whether you’re in a rising or a falling real estate market. Foreclosure.comFIND FORECLOSURES. Up To 50% Off! Contrary to common wisdom, it’s not … Read more

How to Finance a Foreclosure Auction Purchase

How to Finance a Foreclosure Auction Purchase

Foreclosure auctions can be great places for investors to purchase houses to flip at good prices. New auction buyers need to know how to finance a foreclosure auction purchase once they have the winning bid. We dive into the details in this article. Foreclosure.comFIND FORECLOSURES. Up To 50% Off! Foreclosure Auction Requirements Foreclosure auctions require … Read more

What is a Sheriff Sale Auction?

Sheriff Sale Auction

New real estate investors interested in sheriff sale auctions should know there are differences between the types of auctions out there. In this article, we will discuss what makes a sheriff sale auction, including what it is and how different aspects vary between locations. What is a Sheriff Sale Auction? The purpose of a sheriff … Read more

Who is Involved in a Foreclosure Auction?

Foreclosure Auction Participants

This article describes who is involved in a foreclosure auction and what their roles are. There can be multiple participants who are directly or indirectly involved. It helps to understand their role and motivations to ensure you’re successful! Foreclosure.comFIND FORECLOSURES. Up To 50% Off! Mortgage Lender(s) The Lender (typically a bank) owns the mortgage on … Read more

Foreclosures vs. Short Sale Homes – What Should an Investor Buy?

Foreclosure Versus Short Sale

Foreclosures versus short sale homes have been a longstanding debate in real estate investing. Below is a comprehensive list of differences that can help you better understand which option is most suitable for your real estate investment strategy. Foreclosure.comFIND FORECLOSURES. Up To 50% Off! What Is A Foreclosure? It is integral to know exactly what … Read more

How to Get Foreclosure Listings With Minimal Time and Cost

how to get foreclosure listings

New real estate investors often want to know how to get foreclosure listings without spending lots of time and money. There are many places to get inexpensive or free foreclosure listings. Here’s a quick list below. Government Websites Government websites are great places to get foreclosure listings. Although these sites provide the information for free, … Read more