Can You Buy a Foreclosed Home Without Attending a Foreclosure Auction?

Buy Foreclosed Home Without Attending the Foreclosure Auction

A foreclosure auction is the usual next step for a bank lender after they foreclose on a house. But do you actually need to be present at the auction? Can you buy a foreclosed home without attending a foreclosure auction? Trustee Foreclosure Auctions Most foreclosed homes are sold through live “trustee” auctions. These are typically … Read more

Secrets to Finding Government Foreclosures

find government foreclosures

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] It is easy to find government foreclosures in depressed real estate markets. But they can also be found in strong markets as well. Below we discuss some secrets to finding government foreclosures. How Homes End Up as Government Foreclosures Many pre-foreclosure homes were offered as short sales but … Read more

How to Buy a House Foreclosure at Auction

foreclosure at auction

Buyers at a foreclosure at auction can get a great deal on a property but will also face some challenges.  In this article we discuss the basics of how to buy a house foreclosure at auction. How a House Foreclosure Auction Works (the basics) STEP 1: The lender (bank, etc.) will appoint one or more people, called trustees, … Read more

Courthouse vs. Online Foreclosure Auctions [The Differences]

Courthouse vs Online Foreclosure Auction ac

So you are looking to purchase a property at a foreclosure auction but are not sure whether to go to a courthouse auction or take part in an online auction. We discuss the differences between courthouse foreclosure auctions vs. online foreclosure auctions in this article. Online Foreclosure Auctions Most online auctions do the same thing … Read more

Who Can Bid at a Foreclosure Auction?

Who Can Bid at Foreclosure Auction

This article discusses who can bid at a foreclosure auction and why. Attending and bidding at a foreclosure auction, whether online or in person, can be an interesting and challenging experience. Who Can Attend a Foreclosure Auction? Live foreclosure auctions are free and open to the public to attend. Online auctions, however, must first require … Read more

What Are the Risks of a Foreclosure Auction?

Risks of Foreclosure Auctions

This article discusses some of the risks of a foreclosure auction and steps you can take to avoid them. Buying real estate at foreclosure auctions can be a lucrative endeavor. However, there are many risks involved that can negatively affect the profitability of these investments. It is up to the investor to become educated about … Read more

How to Find a House Foreclosure Auction

house foreclosure auction

A house foreclosure auction can offer investors greater savings than many other avenues of buying real estate. In this article, we describe where to find foreclosure auctions and some key info to get started. When a bank forecloses on a home, it is losing money without the owner’s payments. Thus, it is typically very eager … Read more

Buying a Foreclosed Property? Avoid These Mistakes!

Buying a Foreclosed Property

Buying a foreclosed property can be very attractive to would-be buyers due to the price, but purchasing foreclosed homes can be complicated and there are costly mistakes that can be made. To avoid the risks associated with flipping a foreclosed house, you need to do some serious background research on the property and the neighborhood. … Read more

Acquire Foreclosed Houses by Buying the Right of Redemption

Foreclosure - Buying the Right of Redemption

Buying foreclosures usually means bidding at a foreclosure auction or making offers to a banks for properties. This can be a time consuming and frustrating process. However, what if an investor could go straight to a property owner and acquire their right of redemption? We discuss how in this article. What Is the Right of … Read more

When is the Best Foreclosure Auction Time of Year?

Best Foreclosure Auction Time of Year

Is there a certain time of the year when most foreclosure auctions take place? When is the best foreclosure auction time of the year? This article discusses some of the major timing factors. To answer this question we need to dive in and understand the timeline for the foreclosure process and the market forces driving … Read more

What Types of Properties Can You Buy at a Foreclosure Auction?

Foreclosure Auction Property Types

This article discusses the different types of properties you can buy at a foreclosure auction and the pros and cons of each. Single Family Homes The most popular type of property to be auctioned at a foreclosure auction is the single family home. These are sold at auction in nearly every locale, both in person … Read more

Foreclosure Auctions – What If the Homeowner Files Bankruptcy Before the Auction?

Bankruptcy Before Foreclosure Auction

So you’re ready to go to a foreclosure auction and have prepared well for it. You have even looked at some of the properties and have your eyes on one in particular. However, the property you’re interested in did not go up for bidding at the auction, even though it as on the schedule. What … Read more

Foreclosure Auctions – Does a Quitclaim Deed Give Clear Title?

Quitclaim Deed - Clear Title in Foreclosure Auction?

So you are about to complete the purchase a property at a foreclosure auction and have been given a quitclaim deed for the title. But is it a clear title? What is a Quitclaim Deed? A Quitclaim Deed is a commonly used instrument for transferring titles. This deed is sometimes mistakenly called a “quick claim” … Read more

What Happens After Winning a Foreclosure Auction?

After Winning Foreclosure Auction

So you have the winning bid at a foreclosure auction. Congratulations! Now what? Here we will discuss what happens for the buyer immediately after the foreclosure auction ends. Paying for the Property After a Foreclosure Auction Completing the sale at the foreclosure auction is very straightforward. The high bidder of the auction will have to … Read more

Worst Mistakes When Flipping a Short Sale House

Mistakes Flipping a Short Sale House

Flipping short sales houses is a great way to make profits under certain market conditions. However, errors can be costly in terms of time and money. In this article we discuss some of the worst mistakes when flipping a short sale house. Mistake #1: Assuming Everything is a Quick Short Sale Flip An ideal short … Read more

Government Foreclosure Auctions List

Government Foreclosure Auctions List

This is a great list of government foreclosure auctions to help find foreclosed properties of all types to buy and sell for a profit. Foreclosure Auction Aggregators These sites are great for finding federal, state and local auctions without visiting multiple sites. You can find upcoming tax, IRS, police and sheriff’s auctions on these foreclosure … Read more